What is Quanta Frontier?

Quanta Frontier is a unified platform for automated trading crypto. The platform offers a fully-feature research integrated development environment (IDE) to backtest strategies, and deploy them to your porfolio. You can share & connect with the community of like-minded people via our discussion forum.

Research IDE

Research IDE is a custom development environment where you can develop your ideas or be inspired by others. The platform features integration with our powerful backtesting framework, datasets (cleaned, sorted, enriched). You can use it to analyze your algorithm’s performance.

Data Sources

Gathering data can be time-consuming process if you are building your own backtest environment. That’s why the platform sources 10+ year of daily/hourly data Bitcoin data, and 200+ altcoins data ready to use.

Live Trading (Future)

Integrated with the Research IDE, will be integrated into live trading with your favorite exchange. You may optionally submit your algorithm to marketplace for others to follow. We will rigorously evaluate the algorithm to ensure it is a sound approach, free from data-bias or manipulation. You may charge your algorithm at ($100-$300/mo) and take 75% fees OR a performance-based fee.

Performance Driven

Unlike other systems that process algorithm on a time-step basis, The Quanta system leverages greatly the computation speed afforded by pandas, and numpy which is optimized for high-performance, large data computation.

Segregated Execution

Algorithms are stored securely in the cloud database and pulled down to execute on each run. Each algo run is executed in a segregated/isolated clean environment where it does not have any access to anything else except its own code.