Jan 29, 2020

Please make sure you are logged in into your exchange so the following link brings you directly to the API section and follow the steps as stated below.

Kraken create API section

  • press the button ‘Generate New Key’
  • fill in the folling information:
    • give your key a description e.g. ‘QuantaFrontier’
    • enable the permissions:
      • Query Funds
      • Query Open Orders & Trades
      • Query Closed Orders & Trades
      • Modify Orders
      • Cancel/Close Orders
      • Access WebSockets API
  • press ‘Generate Key’
  • copy and store the API Key and Private Key on your device
  • paste the API Key and Private Key into their fields on the QuantaFrontier site

In case you want more info on how to set up an API key take a look at the Kraken support site. If you need assistance or notice something has changed please send us an email.