Crypto Research Platform Launched!

Crypto Research Platform Launched!

Oct 11, 2019

We are announcing the launch of the Research Platform, enabling anyone to build an automated trading strategy from the browser. Today, the process building automated trading strategy is complicated – figuring out the tools to install, the backtest framework and where to source the data and signals. We’ve done all of that for you. There’s no software to install. You can focus on building the best strategy. In the coming months, we will enable live trading for your trading algorithm. Then after that, we will enable marketplace, a place for you to monetize your automated trading strategy without revealing your code.

Product Overview

From the main research page, you can manage multiple strategies at once, clicking on New Algorithm creates a new strategy.


The interface works similar to a typical integrated development environment (IDE), with specific controls on the right side to show the performance of the algorithm, metrics on each run. For API Documents, please refer to Documentation


The Difference

While many platforms can promise you automated trading, most of them are limited by depth (or range of algorithms) they can write. They may allow you to pick 5 coins, and they’ll rebalance, and you can share with your friends. What we are building is different. We want to build the most flexible trading engine where you can build from simple fixed portfolio strategy, technical-based trading, to quantitative strategy, and machine learning-based trading strategy. We want to enable algorithm builders to have access to all of the tools at their disposal to capitalize on the best opportunities.

Data Integrations

Coming soon, we will be announcing partnerships with data vendors that provide sentimental analysis based on Machine learning, and other data signals to help build the most cutting edge automated trading strategy.

Live Trading

As part of Phase 2 of our plans, we will launch live trading to run your algorithm. If you don’t build them, we will offer an official presets strategy to choose from. Subscribe to our Telegram announcements and Twitter.


We have completed our phase 1 of our plans. This is the first step in democratizing crypto trading strategy.

If you are interested in building an automated trading strategy or have experience doing that, you can get started today at Research.

We are launching our Learning Series to help you get started.

For getting more your ideas or help with writing your strategy, visit Discuss